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home : life : technology May 26, 2022

Small Businesses Navigate Inflation
(NAPSI)--Inflation is a big concern for America's more than 32 million small business owners, but there are solutions, according to a recent survey. The Problem Nearly one in three business ... Click to read more

Spring Shopping For Yard Equipment: Things To Know
(NAPSI)--Warm weather is here, and you are ready to get outside and make your yard both beautiful and functional. Maybe you're aiming to have the best yard on the block, want to install an outdoor ...... Click to read more

Putting Your Pets In The Best Of Hands
(NAPSI)--If you're in one of the seven in 10 American homes with a pet or two (or more), according to a National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association--or hope to be ... Click to read more

FIRST Robotics Competition Builds Strong People, Not Just Robots
(NAPSI)--When people think about FIRST, they immediately think of high school robotics competitions. But for the 2.5 million students who have participated in FIRST programs worldwide ...... Click to read more

Online Dental Myths: Sorting Fact From Fiction
(NAPSI)--Don't be "myth-led"--there are a lot of hacks and rumors out there around oral health. Not all of them are helpful and some may even cause harm. Here's a look at oral health fads ...... Click to read more

The ABC's Of 3D House Printing
(NAPSI)--It may sound futuristic but there are people today living in homes created by a 3-D printer--and you can too. A. What is 3D Printing 3D printing started out as a way to make design ...... Click to read more

Do You Know Your OQ? Time To Promote Your Healthier Future
(NAPSI)--The most common disease in the world is right under your nose--here's what you can do. The Problem Right now nearly half the world's population is suffering from oral diseases ...... Click to read more

Buy Now, Pay Later: Better Than Ever
(NAPSI)--You can get your car fixed today--and spread out payments over months or even up to a year. That's because of the increasing popularity of the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) ...... Click to read more

Pointers On Purchasing A Zero-turn Mower
(NAPSI)--More time spent at home is prompting homeowners across America to improve their property's curb appeal. With an increased focus on their yards, many individuals are looking to upgrade ... Click to read more

Monitor Your Sleep And Easily Detect Sleep Apnea With AI Technology
(NAPSI)--Roughly 20% of U.S. adults have sleep apnea, and as many as 90% of those cases go undiagnosed. The condition occurs when people stop breathing periodically throughout the night, potentially ...... Click to read more

Air Conditioning Use Could Exceed Electric Capacity
(NAPSI)--The day may come soon when you turn on the AC--and it won't be there. That's because climate change could mean such an increase in summer air conditioning use in the United States as ...... Click to read more

Are You Eligible To Claim The IRS Saver's Credit?
(NAPSI)--Here's good news, for a change, from the IRS: It offers an incentive to lower your tax bill when you save for retirement. With pandemic-related employment disruptions last year, more ...... Click to read more

Gym Or No Gym? Fitness Expert Tom Holland On Finding Your Ideal Exercise Routine
(NAPSI)--They say old habits die hard, but for a lot of people the last two years have proven otherwise. The COVID-19 pandemic fueled a seismic shift in the way people view physical and mental ...... Click to read more

What You Should Know About The 3G Shutdown
(NAPSI)--The end of the 3G cellular network has begun and for many Americans, it may come as a surprise. They might wake up one morning to some of their most important devices not ...... Click to read more

You: Victim Of Employer Incompetence?
(NAPSI)-- You may have heard a former employer is allowed to divulge only your employment dates and title--but that may not be quite true.  If you're confident your former employers will ...... Click to read more

Backyarding Trends in 2022: TurfMutt Foundation Predicts Americans Will Continue to Expand Outdoor Living
(NAPSI)--"Backyarding"--the trend to move indoor activities outdoors that was made popular during the pandemic --is here to stay and will continue to expand in 2022, according to the TurfMutt ...... Click to read more

Ring In The New Year With An 'Anti' Resolution List
(NAPSI)--As the world celebrates the new year, many will make an annual list of resolutions and goals, which often include improving overall health and fitness.  As we continue to weather ...... Click to read more

Helping The Nervous System Heal Itself
(NAPSI)--For decades, medical researchers struggled to solve the mystery of how to reverse paralysis caused by serious spinal cord injuries. Finally, hope appears to be at hand.  Making Mice ...... Click to read more

Nine Things NOT To Do This Holiday Season
(NAPSI)--Keeping your mail secure is always a priority for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, but during the holidays it's even more important to keep your mail safe and your holidays happy. ...... Click to read more

New Invention May Reduce The Need For Masks
(NAPSI)--A new approach to indoor ventilation has been developed that can significantly decrease the risk of COVID and influenza outbreaks in schools, offices and other indoor environments, and even ...... Click to read more

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