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home : life : environment January 22, 2020

Trees Not Tombstones: New Options For End-of-Life
The vast majority of Americans have not completed their end-of-life planning. ... Click to read more

Beneficial Microbes in Our Everyday Lives
Microbial products represent a new, exciting frontier as seed treatments for farmers' seeds. ... Click to read more

"Bee" Thankful for Pollinators
When you celebrate with family or friends, consider how much pollinators contribute to your favorite foods. ... Click to read more

How To Choose A Christmas Tree: Tips From Expert Arborist Mark Chisholm
Seven hints to help you get the right Christmas tree. ... Click to read more

Gifts That Do A World Of Good
The ENERGY STAR label on products specially priced for the holidays means you save on the initial price, plus keep saving through the holidays and beyond. ... Click to read more

Celebrate ENERGY STAR Day?Every Day
Certified ENERGY STAR products can save you hundreds of dollars a year. ... Click to read more

Know What To Do In Case Of A Disaster
You can be prepared to protect yourself, your home and your family. ... Click to read more

Facts On Fuel From An Expert Boater
Ethanol is a naturally inexpensive, high-octane, cleaner fuel, which makes it a great fuel additive for cars, trucks or boats. ... Click to read more

How Are You Going To Celebrate Earth Day?
Make a difference?choose ENERGY STAR certified products. ... Click to read more

Be 'Earth-Minded'
Conserve energy, save water, and reduce waste and pollution. ... Click to read more

Raising Kids Who Speak For The Bees
Schoolwide STEM and outdoor education curriculum taught with "Nature as Teacher" allows for deeper learning and impact beyond the classroom. ... Click to read more

Myths And Facts About Recycling Cartons
Food and beverage cartons can be recycled into anything from paper towels to office paper to wallboard. ... Click to read more

The Best Gifts Do Great Things
This holiday season, you can give the gifts everyone loves and feel good about doing it. ... Click to read more

Pollinator Health 101: 'Schooling' Students Through Hands-On Learning
Many schools bring science to their own backyards?literally?by developing school gardens and pollinator plots. ... Click to read more

Invasive Pests Go Postal: How To Keep Them Out Of The Mail
Invasive pests can easily hide in fruits and vegetables and on plants, then quickly spread to new areas when sent through the mail. ... Click to read more

Lean In To Learning Outside In Pennsylvania
Most people think of learning as done over a book or computer, but educators have come to a different conclusion. ... Click to read more

Research Reveals Recycling Is Increasingly Popular
Good news about the environment: Americans are recycling their food and beverage cartons more than ever. ... Click to read more

Empowering The Energy Leaders Of The Future
Students seeking to make a difference in the world may like to look into the future of energy. ... Click to read more

Time To Get Ready, Florida
Floridians can protect their homes and families from severe storms. ... Click to read more

Planning Your Water Well
Enjoy an adequate supply of good-quality water. ... Click to read more

Well System Parts Vital For Good Water Quality
The parts of a well system protect water from contaminants that are harmful to health or adversely affect the water's appearance, taste or odor. ... Click to read more

Unexpected Ways to Support Pollinators
Anyone with enthusiasm and a potted plant can provide bees with the food and habitat they need. ... Click to read more

HOT Trends For GREEN Living
As homeowners consider ways to "live green," many may be surprised to learn the effect home heating has on achieving optimal energy and cost efficiency. ... Click to read more

Don't Be Left In The Dark: The Light Bulb Revolution Is Here
American consumers are about to experience a game-changer in how they light their homes. ... Click to read more

A Smart Thermostat Can Be A Smart Investment
Cut costs and increase comfort at home. ... Click to read more

The Reality Of Recycled Paper
Research shows using wood-based products like office paper actually helps keep American forests healthy. ... Click to read more

Two Keys To Protecting Water Wells From Contamination
Protect your water quality. ... Click to read more

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