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home : life : books January 22, 2020

Expanded Pre-AP Access Coming To A School Near You Next Fall
Exciting changes for students are coming to the College Board's Pre-AP Program in the 2020-21 school year. ... Click to read more

More Great Reading Ideas For Fans Of Horror, Thrillers And Satire
Information and ideas for readers. ... Click to read more

More Reading Ideas: Future Trends and Great Mysteries
For the past ten years, Rohit Bhargava?s signature annual Non-Obvious Trend Report has helped over a million readers discover trends changing our culture. ... Click to read more

The Holiday Gift Guide You Don't Want To Miss: A Book For Every Member Of The Family
Good news for last-minute shoppers: You can give the gift of reading this year. ... Click to read more

Thrillers, Fantasy And Historical Saga To Suit All Reading Tastes
When you're looking for a good read, BookBites can help. ... Click to read more

Stay-At-Home Dads, Mid-Life Search For Gold, New Theory On Leadership, Balancing People And Profits
An intriguing look at the lives of stay-at-home dads, a mid-life search for gold, and new theories on leadership, balancing people and profits can all be found in new books. ... Click to read more

Standing Up For What?s Right To Achieve The American Dream
"Tenacity," a new book by Ron Coury, tells about his many struggles and the ways he overcame them. ... Click to read more

Children's Book Holiday Gift Ideas
Books make great holiday gifts for kids. ... Click to read more

Facing Your Fears In Four New And Notable Stories
Four novels and a memoir offer intriguing and enjoyable stories about facing one's fears. ... Click to read more

Wide Range Of Reading Ideas To Get In Gear For The Holidays
Great books for you and all the book lovers on your list are available. ... Click to read more

More Great Reading Ideas?Tracking The Human Journey And A Heart-Pounding Mystery
Information and ideas for your next enjoyable read. ... Click to read more

The Fascinating Story Of Toy Giant Hasbro And Its Incredible Leader
A joyful new book looks at a toy empire, the "kid number one" at the top and the great good he does. ... Click to read more

Christmas Dreams Come Early For Wife Of Work-Life Balance Expert
A new book can help you learn to balance your life better. ... Click to read more

Four Books For All Tastes: Romance, Domestic Humor, Wild West Whodunit, In Praise Of Gratitude
At you can find great reads. ... Click to read more

Questions Of Humanity?And Intrigue?Explored In Four Stimulating Works
Ideas for fun and helpful reading. ... Click to read more

Four Devilish Delights For Your Halloween Reading
Chilling new novels with a supernatural theme. ... Click to read more

Kidnapping, World Cultures, Murder, And Explosions?Mysteries Of Four Kinds
Four exciting new novels will keep mystery fans guessing?and glad. ... Click to read more

Authorized Biography Of Bill Marriott, Founder Of The Largest Hotel Chain In The World, Shares Never-Before-Published Stories That Made Him An International Business Icon
Fascinating details about Bill Marriott's successes and failures. ... Click to read more

For Thriller Fans, A Modern Day Indiana Jones Is Back And Better Than Ever
Kevin Tumlinson has penned the eighth thriller in his Dan Kotler series. ... Click to read more

Four Women's Fiction Books Explore Diverse Family Dramas
Four new novels offer inspiration and excitement. ... Click to read more

Special Children's Books Edition: Heartwarming, Entertaining And Educational
Four great reading ideas for children. ... Click to read more

Four Compelling Reads: Thriller, Poignant Memoir, Dark Winter Tales, And How To Succeed In Business
Information and ideas for your next read. ... Click to read more

Female And Ambitious: Four Books About Inspiring Women Who Wouldn't Let The Odds Stand In Their Way
For anyone who's female and ambitious?or cares about someone who is?four books from Book Trib can be an inspiring read. ... Click to read more

A Thrilling Book Trilogy And More?Megalomaniacs Battle Zealots, With America Caught In The Middle
Eric C. Anderson's New Caliphate trilogy is a saga ripped from today's headlines; his fourth novel is on cryptocurrency as a political tool. ... Click to read more

Turning The Page On Summer With Four Gripping Reads
Information and ideas for your next read. ... Click to read more

Back To School: Books Parents Should Grab To Help Make Learning More Fun And Effective For Kids
Three books can help parents help their children in school. ... Click to read more

Cruel Deceptions, Kingdoms In Peril, A Man And His Music: Great Reading
Young adults (and older ones) can find plenty to intrigue them in four new books. ... Click to read more

Challenged Friendships, Past Secrets And Lies, Touching Animal Tale, Lakeside Tranquility In Four Great Reads
Ideas for your next read. ... Click to read more

Intriguing Reading: Inside the CIA; Fear And A Knock On The Door; Homicide In Hawaii; And Fighting Inner Demons From An Abusive Past
Four great reads. ... Click to read more

Historical Fiction, Real-Life Thriller And Lovable Characters To Round Out Your Reading List
Four great reads: "The Ticket," "Better Dead Than Divorced," "Twine a Novel" and "Pursuits Unknown". ... Click to read more

Intrigue, Secrets And A Touching Animal Tale In Four Great Reads
Great ideas for your next read ... Click to read more

'A Mirror And A Prayer': Beauty Icon's Unfiltered Reflections On A Rocky And Wild Ride
Readers looking for a thrill?or inspiration?may enjoy "A Mirror And A Prayer" by Gina Rivera. ... Click to read more

Four Intriguing Tales Of Lies, Crimes And Secrets
Four thrilling new books to try. ... Click to read more

Enjoy These Tales Of Danger, Strange Events And A Memorable Life
Here are four new books in which to get lost?something for all different tastes. ... Click to read more

Intrigue, Secrets And Self-Discovery In Four Great Summer Reads
Four captivating tales to fill those long days at the beach. ... Click to read more

Four Gripping Plots For Long Days At The Beach
Find great reads ... Click to read more

Summer Reads: Four Books To Stuff In Your Beach Bag
Books worthy of consideration for your summer reading list. ... Click to read more

Deep Convictions: A Look At Religious Liberty
An entertaining and inspirational new nonfiction book is about Americans who put everything at risk for their beliefs. ... Click to read more

Homeless, Starving And Broke, Biz Magnate Shares How He Turned It Around To Make Billions
New book offers sound advice on how to unlock your full potential and obtain your life goals. ... Click to read more

Tackling The Ultimate Workforce Challenge
Don't lose sight of the magnitude of opportunity before global businesses. ... Click to read more

Understanding Yourself In 'The Age Of Overwhelm'
If you ever feel overwhelmed, you may be relieved to learn that just a few subtle shifts can make a major difference. ... Click to read more

What College Kids Need
To give college students something that'll help them for years, consider these job search tools and resources. ... Click to read more

Playing Motherhood For Laughs
An uproarious new book can make a great gift for any parent. ... Click to read more

See The Future Of Sci-Fi
If you've ever fantasized about being a fantasy or science fiction author or illustrator, a new contest may be good news for you. ... Click to read more

Ideas On Paper
You can have great works of art at your fingertips. ... Click to read more

New Teachers' Helper
Schools can beat the odds in supporting the success of low-income students. ... Click to read more

Three Easy Ways To Improve Your Life
Helpful hints to ease and enhance your life. ... Click to read more

What The Power Of The Supreme Court Means To You
From health care to civil rights, from abortion to marriage, the Supreme Court and its nine appointed members affect every major area of American life. ... Click to read more

Helping Kids Achieve
Studies show reading 5 Pages A Day on paper improves memory and retention. ... Click to read more

Plan For Your Retirement
Help ensure you have a financially secure retirement by heeding five hints. ... Click to read more

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