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GRINS to: The woman in the wheelchair at the pedestrian crosswalk in the Oak Ridge Commons. When I motioned you to go ahead, your grateful smile made my morning.

GRIPES to: People who inaccurately gripe back at other gripers. If you're going to disagree with someone, at least make sure you're disagreeing with the right thing.

GRINS to: Polly at the Oak Ridge Post Office for always being cheerful, even when I'm flying in at 4:35 and she's trying to close.

GRIPES to: Drivers who refuse to use cruise control on the interstate. They pass you, you pass them, they pass you, you pass them. You're driving everybody nuts!

GRINS to: Matt at Summerfield Carpet Cleaning for doing a great job cleaning my furniture and area rug! Now if only the rest of the house was that clean!

GRIPES to: NCDOT for planning a concrete median in the future four-lane U.S.220. Why not a grassy median so at least it has some remains of the rural countryside feeling we now have when driving through Summerfield?

GRINS to: People who donate their organs to save the lives of others - we don't need them when we leave this world, so why not give them to someone who does?

GRIPES to: People who won't take a few more steps to push their grocery carts into the cart rack - 30 more seconds of your time could save a ding in someone's car!

GRINS to: Oak Ridge town council for being efficient and productive! I think you guys set a record during your July meeting!

GRIPES to: Drivers who don't pay attention when stoplights turn green. The driver of the blue dodge made me miss two lights this morning and made me late to work. Thanks for your inattentiveness.

GRINS to: All the people who will use their vacation time this summer to travel on a mission trip to help others around the world. Thanks for your unselfish dedication!

GRIPES to: People who bad-mouth our local businesses without giving them a chance to correct a problem.

GRINS to: Our newly-elected local council members who aren’t afraid to shake things up a little when they feel it’s in the best interest of their town.

GRIPES to: The lowlifes who make their living by breaking into other people’s houses and stealing their stuff, then reselling it. I hope you enjoying jail more than your freedom.

GRINS to: People who let you jump in line ahead of them at the grocery store when you only have one or two items.

GRIPES to: Oak Ridge’s planning and zoning board for being so picky about a few trees on Crossfit’s property. Making sure a property is following proper zoning laws is important, but you guys are being as bad as a tantrum throwing child.

GRINS to: Those drivers that slow down and let you in when there’s an endless line of traffic and you’re stuck trying to turn onto Hwy. 68 at 4:30 p.m.

GRIPES to: Guilford County for building such a nice detention center. It’s great to know that our lawbreakers are living comfortably while many law abiding citizens in our county work hard and are still plagued with poverty and poor living conditions.

GRINS to: The kind cashier at Lowes Foods who encouraged my lazy self to sign up for a rewards card. And thanks for memorizing my phone number so I don’t have to carry around one more thing on my key ring!

GRIPES to: Drivers who travel 10 to 15 mph below the speed limit all the way down Hwy 150 between Kernersville and Oak Ridge. Gas pedal is on the right.

GRINS to: Sheriff B.J. Barnes for trying to give inmates at the new Guilford County detention center the opportunity to leave a better person than when they arrive.

GRIPES to: Mo Green for creating regional superintendent positions. Somehow we’ve always survived without those positions. Wouldn’t it be better to use the $700,000 worth of salaries for school supplies that our students desperately need?

GRINS to: Mr. Stuart Hill, the chorus teacher at Northern Middle School. The school year just ended and you’re already excited and planning for next year! Students need more enthusiastic teachers like you to encourage them in their studies.

Whoever was stealing school calculators from other NWHS students. I’d like to know how many other parents had to pay $100 for their kid’s missing calculator so they could get their final report card. I hope they find you!

ROADS for organizing the Saturday Market in downtown Stokesdale each month. What a great way for local artists and farmers to share their talents and produce.

GRIPES to: People who transport things with their trunks open and don’t secure them and they fly out on the road. Your foolishness has left a dent on my front bumper.

GRINS to: The construction guys working on U.S. 220. I’m sure people are rude after sitting for lengthy periods of time in construction traffic, but you are always so nice with smiling faces. It makes sitting in line not quite as bad.

GRIPES to: My neighbor down the street whose red car is parked on the corner by a stop sign and blocks traffic. Pave a bigger driveway or get rid of the car. If you don’t, chances are someone flying around the corner accidently will.

GRINS to: NCDOT and Tetra Tech for the June 7 workshop to inform Summerfield residents and business owners about the 220 widening project. It helped me be better prepared for what's ahead.

GRIPES to: Homeowners who only mow their property every three or four weeks (or even less). If you wanted to live in the jungle, why didn't you move there instead of our neighborhood?

GRINS to: Alyssa Paige Miller for the great reminder of how wonderful our dads are! (June 15-21, 2012 issue)

GRIPES to: The political survey company that won't stop calling my cell phone. Go away!

GRINS to: Nancy Barrett who is stepping away after 39 years in the classroom. Your retirement is well deserved!

GRIPES to: Mo Green for creating regional superintendent positions. Somehow we've always survived without those positions. Wouldn't it be better to use the $700,000 worth of annual salaries for school supplies that our students desperately need?

GRINS to: Local residents who make a conscious effort to support the advertisers in the Northwest Observer. We appreciate your loyalty!

GRIPES to: Tailgaters who think that riding my bumper will do any good when there's a steady line of cars in front of me. What is the point? You're an accident waiting to happen!

GRINS to: Triad Mosquito Control - we enjoyed our first bite-free evening on our deck and look forward to a bug-free summer of being outside!

GRIPES to: My neighbor who parks their red car on the corner by a stop sign and blocks traffic. Pave a bigger driveway or move it further down the street. If you don't, chances are somone flying around the corner will accidently move it when they collide.

GRINS to: All of the high school graduates over the weekend! Congratulations on your accomplishments! And to Tiffany Song for an awesome Salutatorian speech and getting into Harvard!

GRIPES to: The family who cheered an unnecessary length of time for their student during my daughter's graduation. I'm not opposed to cheering, but I barely got to hear her name as she crossed the stage.

GRINS to: David Cantera, founder of the Patriot Rovers organization (article in June 1-7, 2012 issue). What a great contribution you're making by training rescue dogs to help our veterans with PTSD.

GRIPES to: The civic-driving-jerk near Oak Ridge Commons who was blaring their horrible taste in music so loud I couldn't hear my own radio. It's fine if you want to listen to terrible music, but don't force me to listen to it too.

GRINS to: Teachers who take the time to keep parents in the loop regarding their child's progress, even well into high school when you had hoped your child wouldn't need so much supervision!

GRIPES to: The person in charge of Northern Middle's yearbooks and signing rules. The students got them late and they didn't have time for their friends to sign them. Your lack of organization and conscientiousness are expunging their childhood memories.

GRINS to: The Meadow's Frozen Custard for tasting so darn delicious! I've been craving your Butter Pecan flavor since I first tried it last week.

GRIPES to: The old-enough-to-know-better musclehead who insisted on throwing a football in the middle of families who wanted nothing more than to sit and enjoy themselves at RidgeFest. Half of the field was wide open for throwing. Think.

GRINS to: Neighbors who take care of your mail and newspaper when you're out of town, often without even being asked!

GRIPES to: People who leave their car unattended at the gas pump and shop for groceries/snacks during high traffic hours. Rude.

GRINS to: Everyone involved in planning another great RidgeFest! The evening musical groups were great, and the fireworks were awesome! Pretty impressive for our little community!

Oak Ridge for considering placing an additional tax on its businesses – especially when you’re adding to your bankroll every year! We’re struggling while you’re profiting from our tax dollars. Seems like our small town is getting big city greed.

GRINS to: The Merchants Association of Oak Ridge and the town of Oak Ridge for planning and putting on RidgeFest each year. What a great event, full of family fun!

The construction man on U.S. 220 last night. It was my turn to go, but you were too busy playing with your cell phone to notice and switch the sign from 'stop' to 'drive slowly.'

to: McDonald's for having affordable coffee that tastes good. My wallet thanks you as well!

People who don't pull forward in drive-thrus and force you to scream at the monitor to place your order.

GRINS to: The parent volunteers who help out with end of the year celebrations at school. The kids love it and the teachers couldn't do it without you. Thanks for all your help!

GRIPES to: The non-handicapped lady at the grocery store who parked her red minivan in the fire lane while getting groceries. Your selfish laziness and lack of manners could have caused a serious problem if an emergency had occurred.

GRINS to: Parents who have raised responsible, caring, well-mannered children. While we teachers often don't have the time to thank you, your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you!

The rude students who disrupt awards assemblies with their inappropriate behavior and to their parents who get upset with the teachers who try to control the misbehavior!

Kris Heflin, who for the past 5 years has dedicated herself fully to Girl Scout Troop 41006. She has led the girls on numerous trips, taught them invaluable skills and lessons and just plain loved them! We love you, Mrs. Kris!

Individuals who bully their fellow Americans by accusing them of displaying "bigotry" and "ignorance" when voting for Amendment One. Talk about tyranny. You voted your conscience, why can't others vote their conscience - because they disagree with you?

GRINS to: To all the volunteers who worked together to make Summerfield's Founders' Day such a great event.

The people who throw their trash along the road. Trash cans are not hard to find - use them!

To the Town of Summerfield for hosting youth theatre so that our town and surrounding area youth can have exposure to the arts. We loved the "Alice in Wonderland" production and are looking forward to the next.

The guy walking along U.S. 150 on the evening of May 14 with his head town while he was texting. You were waaaaay too close to the road to be that distracted!

The courteous and kind couple with the hot dog stand outside of Tractor Supply! Great hot dogs quick enough for a short lunch break!

“Helicopter parents” who constantly hover over qualified teachers and question them about their child’s assignments. If you want to control every aspect of their education, then you should home school.

The young lady in a silver grey Dodge car who paid for my dinner at McDonald's in Oak Ridge on May 8 at about 8 p.m. Wow - what a nice gesture! 
People who text while they're driving.

GRINS to: The Guilford County Sheriff's Department for coming in $15 million under budget on the new county jail - and on time!

The top execs of J.P. Morgan for the $2.3 billion trading loss. Wonder how much you're getting for retiring?

People who can disagree on an issue that they're very passionate about, while still remaining civil and respectful. That's an art that many people don't have!

Brenda Fox, Guilford County manager, for slipping in an additional $44,000 bonus for retiring employees with 30 or more years, then submitting her resignationseveral weeks later.

GRINS to: The Town Council of Summerfield for hiring a new town manager who has private business experience as well as civic and government experience!

Me for making an under-my-breath negative comment to the woman in the blue truck at Lowes on Sunday when her car door touched my car. That was rude of me and I'm sorry.

The people who don't just vote on Election Day, but who do their research on the issues and candidates before voting.

GRIPES to: The driver who tailgated me all the way into Oak Ridge this morning. Hope you saw the policeman parked across from ORUM Church when I was keeping you down to 40 mph in a 35 mph speed zone.

GRINS to: Rachel at the Food Lion in Summerfield for always making me smile, and having such an upbeat attitude!

Former Senator John Edwards for his despicable personal behavior. Scary to think that he could have been elected as vice-president in 2004. Can we please include personal integrity as one of the requirements of our future presidential and vice-presidential candidates?

to: Northern High School's boys AND girls lacrosse teams for conference championships!

GRIPES to: The driver behind me on U.S. 150 who honked their horn so I would pass the cyclist in front of me - when we were at the top of a hill! Too bad that impatience and stupidity often go together.

GRINS to: Oak Ridge's retiring Scoutmaster Tim Florence for his many years of service to our youth. What a wonderful impact he's made on them!

to: Amendment One supporters. Constitutional amendments are supposed to expand our rights, not take them away.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Thursday, July 5, 2012
Article comment by: William Edwards

Grins to our Planning and Zoning Committee which holds Crossfit to the same construction standards required of all other Oak Ridge developers.

Posted: Monday, June 25, 2012
Article comment by: Charles Yates

Gripe to the person who covered our dead dog on 68 and Haw River (late evening on 6/23) with a towel (thank you for that), but couldn't read the dog tag and call us to let us know where she was. My family worried all night driving around looking for her. A special double Gripe to the neighbor in Hunt Cliff shooting off the illegal fireworks. It probably spooked her and she ran in the road and was hit and died from your illegal activity. The last Gripe to myself, I should have found a better way to restrain her so she wouldn't get loose.

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